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Whittles Jewellers

Love Whittles.jpg

The Brief:

To produce a campaign to help build brand awareness with a focus on diamond rings.


The Solution:

After a meeting with both the Managing Director and Manager of Whittles Jewellers, the initial idea of theirs was to create a 96 sheet poster in Preston Town Centre showcasing a number of their latest diamond rings. However following a creative meeting between our team, we believed there was a much better way to achieve a greater impact. Using the word ‘Love’ and the diamond on the ring as the ‘O’ was sure to stand out and particularly with the 96 sheet poster in the town centre, catch people’s eye.


The Application:

  • Arranged and produced a 96 sheet poster in Preston Town Centre.

  • Created artwork to be used across social media channels

  • Evolved the campaign for us on various products such as watches.


The Result:

Despite their initial idea of displaying a number of diamond ring images on the 96 sheet poster, the Whittles staff were blown away by our idea. Over the campaign period, the staff commented on the number of people who mentioned the poster when they visited the store. Plus, along with an increase in social media engagement and website traffic, there was a clear enhancement in footfall resulting in a greater number of sales.

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