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Welsh Mill - Rebrand


The Brief:

Recreating the branding of the Largest Flooring Superstore in the UK with a warm, welcoming look and feel that demonstrates value for money. Also, a strategy to reach areas out of Leigh such as St Helens, Warrington, Bolton.


The Solution:

Creation of the new Welch Mill logo using the ‘W’ and ‘M’ in the shape of the mill roof.  Plus, born from the recognition that the business sold hundreds of roll-ends every month, the creation of the Welch Mill mascot, 'Rolend'. 


The Application:

  • New Welch Mill logo and Rolend, added to the inside and outside of the showroom.

  • Produced a 7ft Rolend mascot to be worn in photoshoots, promotions, special events etc.

  • Designed and built a new website to match the new look of the business.

  • Produced videos of Rolend and other characters for use across social media channels.

The Result:

Refreshed and modernised the showroom and online presence of Welch Mill to attract customers from outside of Leigh. Plus, the creation of Rolend the mascot allowed us to run competitions and attend events producing a significantly greater engagement and number of enquiries.

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