Win Four Rings Branding

Strategic branding, with a twist

Showcasing the transformative power of branding, Rockfield Media collaborated with ‘Win Four Rings’. Tasked with creating an identity for W4R, we delved head first into the business— an online skill-based competition business offering the enticing prospect of winning a brand new Audi or a substantial cash sum. Rockfield's creative team crafted a comprehensive branding package, complete with guidelines and advertising materials, ensuring a cohesive and compelling visual presence that resonated with the brand's promise of excitement and reward, with a hint of Audi.

One of the standout features of W4R's competitions was the limited entries, designed to enhance customers' winning odds. To add an extra layer of excitement, Rockfield facilitated the integration of Guinevere II, the former National Lottery machine, in the live selection of winners. This process was broadcast on Facebook, creating an engaging and trustworthy connection with the audience. The success of W4R's brand not only elevated its market presence but also solidified Rockfield Media's reputation as a catalyst for innovative and impactful branding solutions.

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