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Working hand-in-hand with Salford City Council and the Xinhua Chinese Association (XCA), Rockfield Media set out to build a digital presence from the ground up. Following on from the development of the event’s branding, we began to build a website and social media channels packed with personality. Infusing all digital assets with the same personality that characterised the event's identity, we established a robust digital presence that seamlessly intertwined with the cultural vibrancy promoted by the event organisers. 

Playing a pivotal role in elevating the event to unprecedented heights, the dynamic online presence not only attracted a broader audience but also fostered a sense of community engagement and anticipation. The strategic use of paid ad artwork further amplified the event's visibility, ensuring a wide reach and driving attendance. The seamless integration of these digital elements became instrumental in the event's success, leaving a lasting impact on participants and spectators alike. 

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