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Leaving a lasting impression through print

Ranging from attention-grabbing flyers to comprehensive product information inserts, Rockfield Media has spent a few years crafting print assets for MiRiDER. Each piece of collateral held the unmistakable stamp of MiRiDER's brand identity, seamlessly integrating our photography and compelling messaging to create cohesive collateral that resonates with the brands audience. The design process ensures that every print asset not only conveys essential information but also serves as a visually striking representation of MiRiDER's products.

From dynamic event collateral that adorned shows and stands, to banners that proudly showcased MiRiDER's product lineup with compelling visuals, Rockfield Media's print design endeavours became instrumental in leaving a lasting impression on both potential customers and industry experts. The strategic placement of these print assets at events and key touch points contributed to a heightened brand presence, reinforcing MiRiDER's position as a trailblazer in the e-bike sector.

What our client said

'We’ve worked with Rockfield Media over the past few years and they have shown unparalleled creativity and dedication - they’re an integral part of our team'

Martin Higginson, Marketing Director at MiRiDER

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