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The power of visual storytelling

Mirroring the diverse lifestyles of the brand's audience—commuters, leisure riders, and motorhome owners, through a strategic selection of urban and rural settings, the Rockfield Media team have spent the duration of our partnership with MiRiDER capturing the personality of the brand. The deliberate inclusion of models representing the brand's target demographics adds an authentic touch, ensuring that every photograph resonates with the daily experiences of MiRiDER customers.

Paying homage to the spiritual home of Manchester, Rockfield Media's photography for MiRiDER has become a vivid celebration of the brand's roots. Incorporating iconic Manchester landmarks and the city's distinctive vibe, the images evoke a sense of local pride while creating a relatable connection with the audience. This thoughtful blend of urban and rural, coupled with a nod to Manchester's identity, has resulted in a captivating visual narrative that not only showcases the products but also communicates the brand's ethos.

The strategic use of this imagery across digital and print assets has proven to be a catalyst for MiRiDER's heightened brand recognition and engagement. The photographs, resonating with the target audience, have become instrumental in driving user interest and interaction across various online platforms. We continue our work with MiRiDER and look forward to future shoots.

What our client said

'We’ve worked with Rockfield Media over the past few years and they have shown unparalleled creativity and dedication - they’re an integral part of our team'

Martin Higginson, Marketing Director at MiRiDER

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