MiR Branding

Creating a powerful brand identity

Building the branding ecosystem from the ground up, ‘MIR’ is the umbrella brand above MiRiDER. Rockfield Media applied our expertise in creating a brand identity from which all future MiRiDER products would sit. From the inception of a distinctive logo to the seamless integration of merchandise, product launches, and event assets, every element was thoughtfully designed and executed, reflecting not just a range of products, but a compelling brand identity that resonated with MiRiDER's position in the market.

The visually engaging branding of ‘MIR’ has not only bolstered its individual presence but also acted as a strategic ally in enhancing the overall MiRiDER brand. The integration has not only spurred consumer engagement but has become a driving force in fortifying MiRiDER's position in the market, creating a unified and memorable brand experience for their audience and team members alike.

What our client said

'We’ve worked with Rockfield Media over the past few years and they have shown unparalleled creativity and dedication - they’re an integral part of our team'

Martin Higginson, Marketing Director at MiRiDER

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