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Brand identity is crafted from a strong creative presence

Partnering with MiRiDER to revamp and elevate their brand guidelines, adopting a creatively-led approach, Rockfield Media meticulously crafted visually striking and cohesive brand identity that seamlessly bridged the gap between their digital and print assets. Our team went beyond the conventional by extending the brand's appeal to custom-branded merchandise, including distinctive T-shirts and captivating show stands, ensuring that every touchpoint echoed the brand's unique personality and captivated their audience at every turn. 

The result? A brand transformation that not only reinforced MiRiDER's identity but also generated an enthusiastic buzz at every event and touchpoint, leaving a lasting impression. Assisting with the drive of brand recognition, customer engagement, and a substantial boost in MiRiDER's market presence, we continue our work with the ebike brand on a daily basis.

What our client said

'We’ve worked with Rockfield Media over the past few years and they have shown unparalleled creativity and dedication - they’re an integral part of our team'

Martin Higginson, Marketing Director at MiRiDER

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