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Bringing our creativity to the forefront, we set our sights on a branding overhaul for FanKlapper, the innovative pre-folded fan designed to amplify the excitement at events. From conceptualising a distinctive logo that captured the essence of fan-induced celebration to designing a user-friendly website that showcased the product's uniqueness, our team ensured that every creative element aligned seamlessly with FanKlapper's vibrant identity.

In addition to the digital assets, our print design breathed life into marketing collateral, packaging, and promotional materials. The incorporation of eye-catching visuals and cohesive branding elements across various touch points played a crucial role in establishing a memorable presence for FanKlapper. The website became a hub for product information, seamlessly guiding potential customers through an immersive brand experience, leaving a lasting imprint. Keep your eye out and you’ll spot FanKlapper in the hands of the fans!

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