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The brief

Following feedback from members of the MiRiDER Community and several months of planning by the team, develop and execute a digital launch campaign to promote the two newest colours of the MiRiDER ebike: Eclipse Red and Acid Green. 


With a focus across web, social media, press, email marketing and paid advertisement, the campaign should target the wide MiRiDER audience of 30-60 year old, van life enthusiasts, whilst still being admirable to other audience archetypes.


Graphic Design


Social Media

Paid Advertisement

Email Marketing

Website Content Management

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The client

Founded in 2019, MiRiDER is the multi-award winning folding ebike company, developing game-changing electric bikes for affordable prices, without compromising on the style or quality. 


Since launch, MiRiDER have sold over 6,000 units across the UK, to customers ranging from vanlife enthusiasts, mid- week commuters, weekend adventurers and casual riders alike.

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