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Mangoletsi - Branding

Mangoletsi is the largest and longest established Alfa Romeo Dealership in the UK. Having formed over 50 years ago, and now home to a total of six incredible car brands, we had the responsibility of preserving their visual heritage whilst revitalizing and refreshing the Mangoletsi brand.

Although simplistic - Mangoletsi's new core symbol is a polished, pure, recognisable evolution from the classic Mangoletsi 'M'. The position of the letter graphic within the shape is responsible its appeal; a newfound sense of spatial harmony.

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Mangoletsi's new 'symbol' logo adopts 3 forms. The first, a cleaned up version of their prior logo, appropriately labelled the 'classic' logo. The second, an optional alternative that fuses the first and third. And finally, the reinvigorated Mangoletsi 'symbol' logo. 

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However this symbol in most scenarios cannot stand alone. Although well-established, Mangoletsi sought to reinforce this new direction in a way that treasured its name.

The result: the new 'main' logo of Mangoletsi. Alongside the symbol, the refreshed logotype strikes the perfect balance of new and old, laying the foundations for a future of recognisability and trust. To provide design versatility the logo was imagined in both black and white in-keeping with Mangoletsi's professional mono colour palette. 

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For the new direction to remain consistent and immune to future logo abuse, rules were established about the usage and construction of Mangoletsi's new logo(s). The logo safe-space was drafted to avoid such abuse, an effective 'no-go-zone' equivalent to half of the main symbol on all sides of each design. 

Rockfield tiles mangoletsi-02.jpg

In addition to outside of the logos there are rules within; namely the distance between the symbol square and the Mangoletsi type. For a closer proximity, the distance of half the 'M' was decided to give the elements a more intimate presence and ultimately separate this rule from that of the safe-space.

Rockfield tiles mangoletsi-07.jpg

When approaching Mangoletsi's new type selection it felt only suitable to pay attention to the original brand. The main type, Square 721 Extended BT, was chosen for this exact reason - each weight and width variation following suit. For body copy and standard print, the complementary typeface 'Roboto' was chosen for maximum legibility. 

Rockfield tiles mangoletsi-01.jpg

Within the Mangoletsi brand there are a selection of sub-brands, forming the Mangoletsi 'family'. Reflective of the main logo the designs utilize the square as a space for symbols, type, and colour.

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