FanKlapper is the hand held banner that's guaranteed to make a noise, build an atmosphere and deliver your message to thousands of sports fans ​

It's a fan, it's a banner, it's the art of making a racket.

The "FanKlapper" is a pre-folded fan and noise maker. Made from a fully bio-degradable material that's printed with your own individual design, emblem or logo. And with the option of literally millions of colours available at no extra cost, you're guaranteed to stand out in any crowd. When it's hot the FanKlapper keeps you cool. When you want to be seen, the FanKlapper opens to show your true colours; and if you want  to make a racket, slap it on your hand and you're going to deafen your opponents. Guaranteed to create an atmosphere!

Great for creating an overwhelming atmosphere
Creates a union - it get's everybody involved
The ideal sponsorship vehicle
Extremely cost effective
Minimum orders available
Safe for all ages
Ideal for ALL sporting events
Visually and audibly attractive
Individually designed
Ideal fan souvenir

We guarantee to beat any like for like quote

Your very own graphic designer
The ideal sponsorship
Proof reading
Safe for all ages
Full colour print on both sides
Extremely cost effective
Delivered to your door in days
Recyclable and

You'll find we're extremely competitive, with prices starting as low as £0.30 pence per unit.


Each Fanklapper is an original piece, and prices may vary dependant upon the order. So, to get a bespoke quote, simply call us or send an email enquiry.


Our studio design team can also create your FanKlapper design completely free of charge, just tell us what you want  and we will create exactly that!

When it comes to design.

It's all about you.

Every FanKlapper comes individually designed just for you. ​


You may want to keep it simple, that's no problem! Add a logo (or a few logos), a photograph or even plain text. Again, no problem!


Whatever it is that you want, our design team will work with you to create something very special. From the wacky to the wonderful, we've got it covered. ​


And if you want to design the whole thing from begining to end that's just as easy. We've even got a special line where you can get expert advice from one of our team.



It's your right and you own it!

No patent exists (nor will it ever exist) on our design and therefore it can be replicated by anyone.  However, the design work on each individual item is covered by the copyright laws in the UK and elsewhere.


In order to produce your design, we will require your authorisation to replicate your logos and Trade Marks. 


Upon completion, delivery and subsequent payment, the copyright on the finished item will be passed directly to you the client, giving you the freedom to use the design work in whatever way you feel fit.

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