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MiRiDER - Folding E-Bike

As keen cyclists themselves and with an established portfolio of successful businesses, the Higginson family spotted and took the opportunity to enter the world of eBikes in 2019. Although the business is still young, MiRiDER offers  the impressive MiRiDER One Folding eBike plus a whole host of accessories through their eCommerce website and over 50 UK wide retailers.

The Brief:

For an engaging corporate identity and media strategy to help establish the overall interest in MiRiDER, build on the ‘greys’ market and increase their sales to commuters.

The Solution:

Through learning more about the MiRiDER One product, the Higginson family’s ambitions and challenges, plus the eBike market overall, we evolved the MiRiDER branding in a way that would attract potential eBike owners of all demographics.

MiRider Folder Mockup.jpg
MiRider A5s Mockup.jpg

The introduction of MiGoals, MiWay and MiLife, was a great way to do so. MiGoals was created to highlight the health benefits and the ability to track the rider’s travel distance to progress further. MiWay represents the colourways, accessories and many other methods of making a MiRiDER One your own, plus the ability to travel anywhere at any time. Finally, MiLife reflects how the MiRiDER One becomes part of the riders lifestyle.


The Application:

  • A Brand Guidelines document to refer to for all design work and tone of voice.

  • Photography for new model and accessory launches, plus special offers.

  • Social channel management including themed content that people will immediately recognise as MiRiDER, plus the MiRiDER tone of voice.

  • Updates to website with bespoke artwork and photography.

  • Social, Google and YouTube paid campaigns to reach more potential customers.

  • Email template builds sent to customer database.

  • Point of Sale materials for retailers and trade shows.

  • Development of ‘Welcome to the Fold’ customer pack received with a
    MiRiDER One.

MiCommunity Facebook Group:

As a relatively new and fast-growing industry, customer service and reviews are a major factor potential eBike customers look for when making their purchase. The creation of the MiCommunity Facebook Group allows our customers and potential customers to post photos, hints & tips and to discuss the MiRiDER One in a friendly environment with responses from the MiRiDER team.


The Result:

Huge engagement across social media resulting in an increase in enquiries and therefore sales. The improved collaboration with retailers has meant the MiRiDER One has become more prominent in their stores and on their social channels. Thanks to the creation of the MiCommunity Facebook Group and Welcome Pack, we’ve seen a significant increase in the number positive reviews on the various customer review platforms.

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