The London Cycle Show 2023: MiRiDER & Rockfield Media take Ally Pally

April 28, 2023

As a creative communications agency, we love a brilliant, innovative and quite simply genius idea. Our client, MiRiDER, are the perfect example of this.

Making waves in the e-bike industry with high-quality folding electric bikes, every MiRiDER is hand constructed to provide an efficient, eco-friendly and cost-effective mode of transportation. With customers ranging from van life enthusiasts, motorhome owners to city centre commuters, MiRiDER have made cycling fun and accessible for everyone.

Proudly assisting MiRiDER with their marketing and advertising services on a daily basis (for a number of years), there’s never a dull day in the office when you’re as cycling mad as we are…

We had the pleasure of assisting with the preparation and coordination of MiRiDERs stand at this year’s London Cycle Show at Alexandra Palace, from 21st-23rd April 2023.

Last year’s event saw a slightly more modest exhibition stand and gazebo in the demo area, providing invaluable insights into the London commuter market.

No longer the newbies, in 2023 it was time to ramp it up a notch...

Rockfield Media - The London Cycle Show

Coinciding with the 20th anniversary of the show, it was an exciting opportunity for us to showcase MiRiDER’s latest offerings and connect with the cycling community.

If our grand exhibition stand wasn’t enough to shout about, we also revealed the first examples of the ‘Acid Green’ and ‘Eclipse Red’ models. Available online and across 150 MiRiDER retailers across the UK very soon, we weren’t surprised to see they went down a treat with visitors!

In order to make a statement, our exhibition this year was a much larger, purpose-built rig with additional space in the demo area. It’s fair to say the demo bikes were put through their paces across the weekend, with roughly 250 test drives taking place.

Friday 21st April was ‘Trade Day’, where we had the opportunity to form and develop contacts within the industry.

One clear point we took away was, in comparison to last year, the number of visitors who had heard of MiRiDER ahead of attending the show had increased. With online sources being the most reported touch points, a successful year of industry reviews and advertising have clearly helped to boost the MiRiDER brand even further.

Open to the public on Saturday and Sunday, we spoke with a huge range of cycling enthusiasts. From strangers to the brand, visitors wanting to see a MiRiDER in person, community members and MiRiDER advocates, it was brilliant to see the enthusiasm and interest people had in the bikes. We received some valuable feedback from them all!

We would like to give a honourable mention to friends of the brand, ‘John & Mandy Motorhomes’ and the team at ‘Electroheads’, whose reviews were responsible for many visitors awareness of the bikes. Overall, it’s brilliant to see the principles put in place over the last 12 months are working.

So what’s next for Rockfield Media and MiRiDER? We are extremely excited to announce that our next stop will be Eurobike Festival in Frankfurt, Germany from the 21st to the 25th June 2023. Where the German and wider European cycling community come together, we’re planning to go even bigger…

The London Cycle Show at Alexandra Palace was an excellent opportunity for the MiRiDER team to showcase the latest adaptations to the bikes and gain further insights into the market. We were delighted to see the growing awareness and interest in MiRiDER- the shear amount of positive feedback from the public made that exhibition stand build/ take down all worth it!

We look forward to assisting in the execution of future events with MiRiDER and continuing to introduce more people to the world of folding e-bikes.

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