Rockfield Media's 9-Year BMX Love Affair

May 19, 2023

Fuelling our passion for all things on wheels, BMX will always compete to reign supreme! For the past 9 years, Rockfield Media has been right there in the rider's seat, offering support to Bruntwood Park BMX Club.

Our journey with the club began at its birth.

With the assistance of asset design, helping to create an online platform to showcase the club, generating rider interest and connecting with the fellow BMX community in the South Manchester area, we’ve put in some graft. But our commitment didn't stop there.

We rolled up our sleeves and lent a hand in various aspects, even putting in the hours mowing the lawn to ensure the track was in top-notch condition. This club is ran completely by extremely hard working volunteers- a labor of love that we're all incredibly proud to be a part of. 💚

Rockfield Media's 9-Year BMX Love Affair.

Rockfield Media's 9-Year BMX Love Affair.

On Sunday, May 14th, Bruntwood Park BMX Club hosted a regional competition. We were proud to not only ‘commissaire’ this event (shout out to our Client Services Director Ross), but present the "Rockfield Media Holeshot Award" to four remarkable riders. 💰 For those unfamiliar with the BMX world, a 'holeshot' winner is the first rider to enter the first berm on the track and cross the white line.

This club is a true testament to the power of teamwork, dedication, and the pursuit of excellence in the BMX community. The #GreenArmy is always shouting loud and proud at race events across the country.

Rockfield Media's 9-Year BMX Love Affair.

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