Peace of Mind in the Digital Age: The Future of Disklok with Rockfield Media

March 28, 2024

For over 30 years, Disklok has established itself as a leader in the UK's car security market, offering the most robust steering wheel locks available. Founded in the early 1990s in response to a personal experience with vehicle theft, Disklok has consistently prioritised innovation and technological advancements.

Revitalised Brand Identity

Since partnering with Rockfield Media, Disklok's brand identity has undergone a comprehensive modernisation. This includes a contemporary logo design, a refreshed brand image, and a clear articulation of the company's core values.  The result is a brand that effectively resonates with today's consumers.

Introducing the Disklok Diamond Edition

The Disklok Diamond Edition represents the pinnacle of car security, offering unparalleled protection against even the most determined thieves.  This cutting-edge steering wheel lock utilises advanced anti-angle grinder technology and patented DiamoniteR construction, setting a new global standard in vehicle safeguarding.

Collaborative Development Process

Rockfield Media's initial work with Disklok involved the creation of marketing materials based on a prototype model.  Our team embraced this challenge, leveraging creative solutions to develop the groundwork for the launch campaign.  Through months of meticulous planning, collaborative meetings, and rigorous product testing, the Disklok Diamond Edition was brought to market.  This success exemplifies the power of teamwork in achieving exceptional results.

World-First Technology

The Disklok Diamond Edition's innovative design ensures a secure fit around the steering wheel, effectively deterring theft attempts.  This groundbreaking product utilises patented DiamoniteR technology, a world-first innovation.  Additionally, Disklok has been awarded the prestigious Sold Secure Diamond certification, signifying the exceptional security it provides.

Compelling Visual Content

Rockfield Media excels in creating captivating visuals that effectively communicate a product's essence.  For the Diamond Disklok launch, we produced a series of professional, polished videos that showcase the product's features and benefits.  These videos successfully capture the essence of the launch and will undoubtedly play a key role in its success.

We at Rockfield Media are thrilled to have partnered with Disklok on this groundbreaking launch.  The Disklok Diamond Edition represents a significant advancement in car security, and we are confident that it will be a resounding success.

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