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Bank Top 


From humble beginnings, Bank Top has established itself as a multi award winning local brewery producing many lines of quality real ale from the Pavilion at Ashworth Lane. ​ Our relationship with Bank Top Brewery began in 2008 with an initial project to create the artwork for a seasonal brew, Santa's Claws. Ultimately, a total of twelve original pieces of artwork were produced for Dave Sweeney and his team and we remain very proud of the work as we see it around the town.

bank top brewery drawn.jpg

The Brief:

Each of Bank Top's beers required an original design, and the majority were created from a blank canvas using the creative methods of the past. Sketch pads, chalks, pencils and illustrative talent were employed long before the completion of the digital versions in our design studio. ​ With input from the client throughout the creative process, each of the designs took around fifty hours to complete with each being completed, signed off and published over a period of months.

The Application:

  • Pump clips were published.

  • Point of sale materials were produced and delivered to support stockists.

  • Brand guidelines were produced to ensure consistency and to increase the brand value.

The Result:

The suite of twelve unique and distinctive pieces of artwork helped to position Bank Top Brewery as the premium producer of quality real ales in Bolton and the wider Lancashire community. ​ They now hold over twenty brewing awards, own two pubs in the town and produce 22,000 pints of delicious beer per week.

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