247 Cars - Branding

The Brief:

Designing and building a brand under the CarFinance 247 umbrella, 247 Cars, an online used car marketplace that delivers cars to the customers door.

The Solution:

Following a visit to their Manchester office, our immediate impression was that their whole building was like a hive of activity, with every member of staff understanding their role and working hard for their customers. We also recognised a clear thread throughout the business of a hexagonal shape surrounding '247'. ​


Along with representing the city of Manchester, the bee perfectly displays the culture of 247 Cars and how they operate for their customers.

Creative Development:


The Application:

  • Created brand guidelines for correct use of the logo and bee.

  • Designed and produced materials such as key rings, welcome books etc. to launch 247 Cars to their staff.

  • Worked with ClickDealer to help design and build the 247 Cars website.

The Solution:

Wholehearted confidence and excitement from the staff on the branding of 247 Cars and the future of the business as it develops through the months and years.

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